Our Coffee Approach

A coffee range built around different taste profiles. From classic big-chocolate to strawberry-milkshake taste. All roasted to perfection.

Our Coffee Series

Our 8 coffee Series each have a specific mission and cover a particular taste profile. Together they represent a wide coffee range giving every coffee fiend something to love. We express each Series’ identity by scoring them on recognizable aspects in our Taste Wheels: Acidity, Sweetness, Body and Aftertaste. The names and styles of each series were inspired by the team’s love for music.

We sample, roast, cup and pick fresh, seasonal coffees all year long. Except for Duchess, all our Series host seasonal, small coffee lots. We pick lots that meet the broad taste direction of the Series, but offer something fresh and exciting to discover.


Our Espresso Series are well-developed with roast-levels ranging in-between medium-light to medium. 

  • Duchess is our classic espresso blend. The blend components are carefully selected to preserve a consistent taste profile throughout the year. This is also our darkest roast, accentuating a big body, elegant fruit notes and low acidity.
  • Undercurrents is a more playful seasonal blend of which the character changes every 3-6 months based on which origins we pair together. Acidity and sweetness predominate.
  • Bonita Apple Plum is our Espresso for those that prefer Single Origins. It’s smooth, reliable and delicious. Great on body, balance, sweetness, relatively low on acidity.
  • Sleep Well Beast: last but not least our décaf espresso. It’s sweet and spicy with a kick.


Our Filter Series is where we like to have a bit of fun. They range in-between bright and acidic, sweet, mellow and full bodied.

  • Moon Safari is the filter version of Duchess. Well developed character, big on chocolate and sweetness. 
  • Easy Rider is our easy coffee, sweet and mellow; acidity and body stay well back.
  • Strawberry Fields’ focus is on sweetness, depth, and complexity.
  • The Juicebox Series is always a fun, bright and usually Easy-African coffee.

Our Sourcing Approach

All the coffees we buy are fresh seasonal lots which are always stored in grain-pro bags for longevity and a cleaner taste. We prefer to work with natural processed coffees due to their lower environmental impact. However some of our coffees are honeys and washed, for a cleaner and brighter character. Each coffee is roasted with its own profile to accentuate its unique attributes.

Great coffee is only possible if passionate people can make the right choices. Unfortunately coffee has historically been an exploitative industry for farmers in origin countries. By paying premium prices for quality we bring positive change to farmer communities, allowing them to be passionate about their coffee and its quality.

We avoid the term “Direct Trade” as we feel it’s too often abused for marketing purposes. Buying directly from farmers is rarely possible as most farmers don’t have processing and/or exporting capabilities. Instead we source our coffees from cooperatives in origin, from farm and mill owners and from trusted specialty coffee importers. We demand price transparency from these partners so we can ensure farmers get their fair share and ask our partners to audit their supply chains.