When can we visit your Brussels Atelier?

Our doors are open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-5pm for all your coffee supplies, tasting and regular coffee chats. Come say hi :)

Can we stay in for coffee and food? 

We serve take out coffee and have a minimal selection of tasty snacks but we're not a café with seating options.

Can I bring my own container when I buy coffee? 

YES. We have a Green Deal where you bring your pot and get 5% off any coffee you choose. Sweet I know right? Just make sure it’s an airtight container so the coffee is fresh and tasty longer :)


Where do you roast?

Right at the back of our atelier on Rue de Flandre.

How light/dark do you roast?

Something in between medium light and medium dark depending on coffee. Read more about this on Our Coffee Approach page.

When do you roast? 

We mostly roast-to-order so it varies. But definitely each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Can you roast my own green beans?

Sorry we do not offer that service! We have plenty of coffees to roast to sell and are very busy usually :(

I am a home coffee roaster, can I buy green beans from you?

Yes sure. Available in 250g and 1kg of any coffee of our current offer list. Prices are the same as for roasted coffee. 

Can I place a last minute large order?

Our main blend Duchess is always available in buffer. For other coffees it depends. Contact us for extra info.


Can I get a wholesale account and pricelist?

Contact Rutger@wideawake.coffee for a portal to our wholesale platform.

What is the minimum you deliver for wholesale?

5KG. For a free delivery in Belgium your order value must be minimum 150€. For other countries, contact us.


When should I brew the coffee after roasting?

The sweet spot for brewing coffee varies based on roasting and brewing method. Coffee is best brewed between 1 week and 6 weeks of roasting. We prefer allowing at least 10 days for some of the gases to escape and coffee to settle. If you can't stop yourself from digging in sooner, grind 5mins in advance before brewing and bloom longer. For espresso we strongly recommend at least 2 weeks rest for more balanced less gassy shot that is easier to dial in and control. 

Is water really that important?

Yes, 98% of your coffee is water. Hence its mineral composition will have a huge impact on taste. If you're in Brussels, know that our water is notoriously hard and tastes pretty awful. We strongly suggest using filtered or bottled water to not only improve the taste of coffee but to keep your machinery in a good condition.

What is the "Use By Date"? 

We specify on our bags that coffee tastes best up to 6 weeks, but it can still be enjoyed three months later or longer if vacuum sealed and stored in the freezer. Keep your beans in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture(not in the fridge).


Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

To a certain degree. We are not here to greenwash things. Our packaging for retail bags are carbon neutral 100% recyclable (in blue bags in Belgium) made by Dutch Coffee Pack. The boxes and envelopes or packaging material is all recycled and can be recycled entirely by you again. No plastic in those.


How fast can I get my order? I placed it now and already staring at the window for the postman.

As long as we have the coffee roasted we will get the order prepped and ready for shipping the same or next day.

Our courier DPD picks up parcels around 12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In Belgium you can expect delivery the next day after pickup. 

I live in Brussels or nearby, can I pick up my order in your shop?

YES, but do allow some time for us to prep it for pickup during opening hours. In emergencies we can be super fast but check in on availability please ;)


Are you hiring? Can I send my CV?

Currently not. But keep an eye out and come make friends first so we know you’re interested ;)

Returns and Exchanges

If a device arrives broken or faulty email us with your name and order and we’ll sort that out for you. Include a picture where possible. Must be done within 14 days of receiving.

If you wish to exchange a size or colour of merchandise or devices please understand extra shipping charges must be covered by you or free in the shop. Must be done within 14 days of receiving.

I bought coffee from you but I changed my mind, can I return it? 

Unfortunately coffee is a perishable product that needs to consumed fresh. Hence we do not accept returns. We describe the taste notes and character of a coffee the best we can. If there are serious concerns over roast defects or bad packaging, that is a different matter. In that case do not hesitate to contact us.