Wholesale Ordering FAQ

Working with Wide Awake Coffee? Great choice! Now let's make sure you get your coffee smoothly. On this page we explain how to set up a (recurring) order and the delivery terms to keep in mind. For a hassle-free delivery, each time!

Order Types

On Demand order

If your coffee consumption is not regular or predictable, you can simply place On Demand orders when your inventory is running low. We recommend to order at least 7 working days in advance. The delivery time for On Demand orders depend on the coffee’s availability (read below). Our main blend Duchess is always in stock but other coffees are roasted based on incoming orders.

Recurring Order

If your coffee consumption is fairly consistent, we advise to set up a scheduled Recurring Order. This means that we will automatically deliver the agreed quantity every week, 2-weeks or month. That means less headaches and stock-stress for you. If you have too much or too little coffee in a specific week, you can change the quantity of that week’s delivery up to 2 working days before the delivery.

Delivery & Shipping

Brussels Deliveries

We deliver every Tuesday and Thursday. The order cutoff time for Tuesday deliveries is Friday 6PM. The order cutoff time for Thursday deliveries is Tuesday 6PM.

Belgium/International Shipping

We ship every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday through DHL Parcel. We need to receive your order 48h before the desired shipping date. In general we recommend placing your order 7 working days before you actually need the coffee to account for roast or shipping delays (see below).


Keep in mind that we mostly roast based on orders. Our Duchess blend is always in stock but for other coffees we hold only limited stocks. If the coffee of your order is not in stock, the shipping delay will be longer as we need to roast your order.

Minimum Order

The minimum order quantity for wholesale orders is 150€. For other countries, consult our Wholesale Offering List.


Our coffee is packed in bags of 250g or 1KG. All bags are made from recycled plastics and are certified CO2-neutral. They have a one-way valve to keep your coffee fresh. 250G bags have a zipper to reclose after opening. 1KG bags do not have a zipper.

Wholesale customers in Brussels can also order in 5KG buckets. With every delivery, we pick up the empty buckets, wash them and reuse them, hence eliminating all waste.


Any questions? Reach out to your account manager or email us at hello@wideawake.coffee.