Bonita Apple Plum 250g


Hey Bonita, glad to meet ya! This is our singular single origin for espresso. Great mouthfeel, round body and acidity and a tasty pairing of cacao nibs and stone fruit.


Taste Profile
Classic example of excellent El Salvador origin. Smooth and round, with a gentle acidity and sweetness. With notes of faint cacao nibs, stewed apples, pears, plums. With milk it brings out buttery toffee tones.

Taste Notes
Stone Fruit, Cacao Nibs, Stewed Apples, Gooseberry Acidity

Coffee Info

  • Origin El Salvador
  • Region Ilamatepec
  • Farm El Belloto
  • Farmer Ingeniero Sigfredo Corado
  • Variety Bourbon
  • Processing Washed
  • Elevation 1500-1650m

The farmer of this excellent coffee is called Sigfredo Corado. He is a trained agronomist in El Salvador, which is usually not a high paid job. However, Corado was able to fulfill his dream by setting up a company together with 2 schoolmates that emigrated to the US and made some money there. The friends decided to buy a couple of farms in Ilamatepec and invested to raise the quality of the coffee produced. The farms are sizeable, very well fertilized, and cultivated by Mr. Corado who is an expert agronomist. The coffee variety grown is red bourbon. The high altitude and excellent washed processing help to create this excellent cup with notes of cacao nibs, green apple and stone fruit.


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