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Our smooth operator. A gentle, buttery, easy drinking coffee. A sweet cup with slight acidity, it’s destined to be an all-round pleaser.


Taste Profile
Velvety and sweet. A buttery base with stone fruit, red berries mix and gentle tropical notes. Think juicy plums, papaya and blaccurant finnish. It’s an all-dayer!

Taste Notes
Orange Blossom, Plum, Papaya, Blackcurrants

Coffee Info

  • Origin Costa Rica
  • Farm Los Ureña
  • Variety Catuai
  • Processing Red Honey
  • Elevation 1650m
  • Mill Palmichal

Easy Rider Los Urena Wide Awake Coffee

The Ureña family is a well-known family in the town of Palmichal and are some of the premier coffee growers in the area. For many decades, the family has delivered coffee to the Palmichal mill. Different family members have managed the farm at different points in time, and today Paúl Cascante Ureña manages two plots: 6.5 hectares at 1450 meter above sea level and 4 hectares at 1650 meters. The coffee trees he tends were planted around the time he was born thirty years ago. He remembers growing up on the farm and wanting to continue to spend time there.

Easy Rider Los Urena Wide Awake Coffee

With a degree in agronomy, he can both spend time on the farm and make it a profitable business. His knowledge of coffee cultivation allows him to make decisions for the farm’s future, such as mixing his own fertilizer, selecting optimal varieties for planting, and promoting the farm’s coffee. The coffee is well pruned and nurtured, as evidenced by the dark green leaves and cherry development on the trees. 

Easy Rider Los Urena Wide Awake Coffee

In the Honey process, this lot of Catuai coffee cherries passes through the demucilager, where it was pulped and slightly washed but keeps most of its mucilage intact. The remaining sweet mucilage stays in contact with the bean during the drying process. It was dried on raised beds to a humidity level of about 16% then finished in the guardiola rotating mechanical dryer for 24-48 at a constant temperature no higher than 40 degrees C. The drying process takes a total of 7-10 days.

0.27 kg
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250G, 1KG


Whole Bean, Pour Over, Aeropress, Chemex, Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press

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