Prismo for Aeropress


Prismo is a pressure-actuated valve designed to be used with the AeroPress. This attachment allows for a build-up of pressure to brew espresso-style coffee and creates a no-drip seal for recipes that normally require inverting your AeroPress.

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Pressure actuated valve

The secret weapon for “pulling a shot” without an espresso machine. Prismo’s special valve stays sealed until you press down and creates a build-up of pressure to brew coffee with a consistency closer to espresso than the AeroPress on its own.

No-drip seal

Ditch the flip. Brew full-immersion coffee without inverting your AeroPress. Leave your AeroPress in the fridge overnight upright for cold brew without a single leak. Let your tea steep without having to turn your AeroPress on its head. Prismo’s no-drip seal keeps your caffeinated contents contained until you say so.

Reusable etched metal filter

Cut out the middleman. The sustainable 150 micron etched fine metal filter stops sludge in its tracks and eliminates the need for AeroPress paper filters. After plunging your Prismo, pop the coffee puck into your compost bin and give the metal filter a quick rinse.

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