Roaster’s Pick Subscription


Receive a rotating selection of fresh roasted coffees from Wide Awake every month. Choose the subscription period, roast type and number of bags you want to receive monthly.


The coffees you receive through the subscription will rotate every month. It includes coffees from our regular coffee series but can also include an occasional special coffee we might have in the house.

When you take a subscriptions, the first box will be sent immediately. All boxes after that are sent out the first Thursday of the month. So it’s possible that your second box arrives quite fast after the first one, but after that you will receive a box every month.

“Mixed” Subscriptions are meant for those who make both espresso/mokapot and filter coffee at home. The 2 bag subscription includes 1 espresso roasted coffee and 1 filter roasted coffee. The 4 bag subscription includes 2 espresso roasted coffees and 2 filter roasted coffees.

All bags contain 250g of coffees. Occasionally we might include very niche, high-end and expensive coffees in filter roast subscriptions (eg. geishas, special processing, etc). In those rare cases you will receive 150g of that coffee instead of the regular 250g.

The pricing of the subscriptions is simple : 12€ per filter bag, 10€ per espresso bag. For subscriptions with only 2 bags/month, the total includes an additional 5€ shipping per month.

If you need your coffee pre-ground, please specify your brewing method in the notes box upon checkout.

Attention: The subscription is paid upfront for the full duration during checkout. There will be no additional monthly charges. After the subscription period is over, you have to manually renew it. 


3 months, 6 months

Roast type

Filter, Espresso, Mix

Number of bags

2, 3, 4

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