The Wildcard series is home to exceptional micro-lots and this Colombian definitely fits the bill. It’s just FUNK. Heavy tropical and hoppy notes. A milky body and fermented pineapple notes. You’re in for a treat.


Wild by name, wild by nature! This is a funky number with intensely fruity and wild fermenty pineapple notes. It’s a tropical blast with lactic undertones that keeps surprising!

Taste Notes
Pineapple, Hops, Cacao, Caramelised Banana

Coffee Info

  • Origin Colombia
  • Region Huila
  • Farm Finca La Cumbre
  • Producer Ana Cecilia Uribe
  • Variety Caturra
  • Processing Natural
  • Elevation 1800m

Finca La Cumbre 4

Ana Cecilia Uribe is the matriarch of a multigenerational coffee-producing family based in Garzón, Huila. At Finca La Cumbre her oldest son, Danilo Pérez, is working on producing high-quality, naturally-processed microlots. Located an hour drive from Garzón, La Cumbre spans a total surface area of eleven hectares, nine of which are currently planted with coffee. The remaining two hectares are protected forest reserves. The Uribe family is well known in the region for their drying techniques which generate very distinctive and tropical-tasting natural coffees.

Finca La Cumbre 2


At La Cumbre the family is growing Caturra at 1800masl in a hot climate. The harvest is executed manually by pickers that are trained to pick cherries at the peak of their maturity. Pickers are paid higher than average wages and come back every year to La Cumbre. The harvest is then taken to the family’s plant in Garzón for dry processing. Upon arrival, a group of mostly women will manually comb through the cherries to again inspect for any under-ripe or damaged fruit.

The selected cherries are then immediately put on specially constructed covered patios to dry. The climate is warm and dry in this part of Huila so drying is carefully monitored. At first the cherries are dried under cover. After a couple of days they are dried in the open but covered again at night. The objective being to coax forth an even and gradual loss of moisture in the coffee. This specific lot we sourced, was dried over ten days. 

After drying the coffee is stored dark and cool for three or four days, packed in Grainpro bags and ready to be sent to the dry mill.

0.27 kg
15 × 5 × 20 cm

250G, 1KG


Whole Bean, Pour Over, Aeropress, Chemex, Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press

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