Aeropress Recipe

Get Started

Coffee weight 16g | Grind Size Fine to medium | Brew Water 255g
Water temp 92°-95° | Brew yield 220g | Brew time 1.45secs


    Heat 350g water of water to 95°and grind a little over 16g of coffee as some is lost in the grinder.

    Attach filter in perforated chamber and lock in to main Aeropress body.

    Place the Aeropress onto your cup and rinse the paper filter thoroughly, while also warming the aeropress and cup. Discard rinse water in vessel and place both on the scale.

    Add 16g of freshly ground coffee.

    Tare scale and start timer. Pour 255g of water close to the side while slowly rotating the aeropress ensuring all coffee grounds are evenly saturated.

    At 1min stir gently once, submerging all grounds and remove from scale.

    Place plunger and press strongly, under 10 seconds until you hear the pop and Voila! Ready to serve.

    Pro tips

    Grind size particles should feel like pepper from a mill grinder.

    If your brew is too slow, intense or bitter, use a coarser grind. If it’s too quick, tasting thin or sour, use a finer grind.

    This recipe has a ratio of 1 to 16 parts, coffee to water. This brewing method is ideal for different strengths so for a stronger cup, try 1 to 12.5 (200g water instead).