Wide Awake is a contemporary roastery based in Brussels.

We source, roast and brew exceptional coffees. Released on 11 series and sourced through long-standing partnerships, we seek to showcase the incredible variety of specialty coffee. In our Brussels cafés, we set industry standards for coffee quality and hospitality.

Our coffees are released on our 11 series.

Each has a distinct flavor profile - from big & bold to bright & juicy - and gets 4 microlot releases per year. Together, the series offer a mixed range in taste and origin and provide guidance to our longtime customers. Each series comes with a unique graphic identity and is named after a pop culture icon we love.

Exceptional coffee starts with passionate producers.

Over the years we built long-term relations with partners around the world. We purchase and enjoy their coffees year after year, creating a durable, positive impact. We complement our fixed annual releases with seasonal new finds.

Our roasting is focused on flavor clarity and batch consistency.

We profile roasts for clean, expressive flavors that highlight the inherent aromatic potential. During production roasting, key parameters are automatically tracked and every batch follows a strict QC process. All coffees are roasted on our Loring S35, allowing incredible flavor clarity and superior consistency.

We’re a team of passionate coffee professionals with a heart for hospitality.

We love working with innovative cafés and restaurants, all across Europe. We approach our wholesale relations in a hyper-personalized human way, offering advice, training and equipment as needed. 

Visit our cafés in Brussels.

In our hometown, we operate a Brew Bar and an Espresso Bar. Two very different concepts and designs, united in a mission to push the boundaries of hospitality and coffee experience. 


Rue de Flandre 185, 1000 Bruxelles

Tue-Sun : 9am - 6pm



Rue Lesbroussart 34, 1050 Ixelles

Tue-Sun : 8am - 6pm