We’re on a mission to bring you a diverse variety of the finest specialty coffee lots. Sourced through long-standing producer relations, roasted to perfection by our veteran team and released on one of our Series.

From Big & Bold to Wild & Funk. Each Series represents a specific taste profile and hosts different seasonal microlots throughout the year.


Wide Awake was founded as a passion project in 2019 by Rutger. Today we’re a team of 8 geeky humans from different parts of the world, all passionate about learning and always looking for what’s better and nerding about coffee.

We’re seasoned roasters, baristas, cuppers and service people.


All our coffees are released on one of our 11 Series.

Each series represent a certain taste profile that we use to source and roast the world’s best coffees. From Big & Bold to Wild & Funk. Every Series gets 4-5 releases per year. Either from farmers with whom we’ve built a long-term relation, or from new, exciting producers.


Through our series we categorize the incredible diversity coffee has to offer.

Named after beloved pop-culture references, each series has its own graphic identity that represents its unique taste profile. With every new release, we update the color palette, reflecting the specificities of the microlot.


Brussels is our hometurf, our playground for roasting and brewing.

You can visit our Brew Bar in the Dansaert District of downtown Brussels. Staffed by our veteran baristas & roasters, this is the place to sip and shop all our coffees, including the frozen menu with our all time favorites. 


Our roastery is based in the Magellan Parc at the Brussels canal. We roast small but consistent batches on our Probat P12. With every new coffee, we experiment with profiling to get the best of what each coffee offers.

Our roastery also houses green storage, packing, a cupping lab, a training room and offices for our sales & support team.