Hario V60 Recipe

Get Started

Coffee weight 15g Grind Size Medium Brew Water 255g
Water temp 90°-92° Brew yield 220g Brew time 2.30secs



Heat 350g of water to 92° and grind a little over 15g of coffee as some is lost in the grinder.

Insert paper filter in the V60 brewer and place on your brewing vessel.

Rinse paper filter thoroughly, removing any paper taste while also warming your V60 and vessel. Discard rinse water and place both on the scale.

Add 15g of freshly ground coffee and make a little pit with a spoon in the middle of your coffee bed for even ground saturation.

Tare scale and start timer. Gently pour 50g water covering coffee bed and stir twice back and forth ensuring all grounds are wet. Allow to bloom until timer hits 50 seconds.

Add water a little over halfway up the cone. As it drips halfway add a little more and gently spin the V60 so all grounds submerge.

Continue adding the remaining water until you reach 255g and let it drain. Complete brewing time should be between 2.5 and 3min. You should have a clean and bright cup, with a gentle body.

Pro tips

Grind size particles should feel a little finer than coarse sea salt.

If your brew is too slow, intense or bitter, use a coarser grind. If it’s too quick, tasting thin or sour, use a finer grind. 

Post bloom, avoid pouring water on the sides as some of the water escapes down the side of V60 resulting in uneven extraction.