Our Coffee Approach

A coffee range built around different taste profiles. From classic big-chocolate to strawberry-milkshake taste, expertly roasted on our trusted Probat machinery with precise data software.

We built our coffee range around very different taste profiles, aiming to have the perfect kick for every coffee fiend. We release exciting micro-lot coffees all-year long under 10 different Series. From tropical fruity to classic big-body chocolate; because we need dad’s favourite coffee too.

We sample, roast, cup and pick fresh, seasonal coffees all year long harvest to harvest. Except for our Duchess & Duke blends, all our Series host seasonal, micro coffee lots. We pick lots that meet the broad taste direction of the Series, but offer something fresh and exciting to discover.

Duchess is our staple house blend. It contains three perfectly paired origins – Brazil, Guatemala & Ethiopia – to work in harmony together and create a rich, chocolaty depth with a nutty character, some red fruit sweetness and a low acidity. For a blend the Duchess is pretty darn special! All the components are constant throughout the year harvest to harvest, to ensure consistency and longstanding commitment to producers. This is not your average ‘disposal blend’.

Each coffee is roasted with its own profile to accentuate its unique attributes. Mostly we roast for sweetness, which often results in a medium-light roast for filter and medium roasts for espresso.