Flexible Subscriptions

Compose the coffee subscription that perfectly matches your preferences & usage. 1KG of Duchess beans + 250G of ground Strawberry Fields + a couple of bottles of Oatly? Sure ! You can change or cancel at any time and even skip a delivery when needed.

How do I start?

Simple. Login to your account, go to any of our coffees, select the number of bags & grind size. Click “Subscribe” (instead of  “one off purchase”) and add to your cart. Repeat this for every coffee you wish to add to your subscription. You can even add some Oatly. Ready? Check out your cart. You’ll get the order shipped to your door every 30 days.

Manage your subscription

Login to your account and navigate to Account > Manage Subscriptions.

  • Cancel or skip (part of) your subscription : select one of the products in your subscription. Scroll down and click Cancel/Skip. Repeat this for each subscription product if you want to skip/cancel your entire subscription.
  • Add an extra bag : click “Add a product”. Select the coffee you want to add. Now choose if you want to receive the extra product every month or just once. Select the size (KG/250G) and grind size and click “Add a product”.
  • Swap a bag (one off) : select the product in your subscription that you want to swap for a month. Scroll down and click “Swap Product”


We strive to always have all of our series stocked. If exceptionally a coffee is not available at the time of your subscription renewal, we will send you the closest alternative.


When you start a subscription, your coffee price is locked in. We revise prices once a year in November. You will receive a notification if the price of the coffees you subscribed to changes.


You can download a PDF invoice for each recurrence of your subscription. Login to your account and navigate to your Account Page.